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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Aug 6 19:51:46 2004

Rumor has it that evan may have mentioned these words:
>Of course if Sellam gets us a discount rate at a Marriott, such as at VCF
>I imagine that would be much nicer than the Comfort Inn...

I certainly mean no disrespect to Sellam, as he did a fantastic job on VCF
East 2.0 {despite... ahhh... "familial difficulties" to attend more} but
the $69/nite pay-in-advance deal actually wasn't part of the deal Sellam
brokered with them. (Or, I suppose more accurately -- wasn't any more of a
deal than what they offer themselves...)

AAMAF, the conversation I had with them when I reserved my room was a bit
odd -- for 5 minutes of discussion, the lady would *not* take my
reservation for more than Friday & Saturday nite at the ($69/nite) VCF
rate, which I would have had to pay in advance with a credit card, so when
I finally asked what other deals they had which would cover Thursday &
Sunday nite as well, she told me that I was eligible for another deal as
long as I prepay with a credit card -- $69/nite.

Methinks she was trying to get me to acquiesce and get a "non-deal" room
rate, until I asked "just the right question."

If there is a Marriott nearby, they may offer the same deal... can't hurt
to call & ask!

I can say that VCFEast 2.0 was my "last hurrah" for a while (according to
my checkbook, at least) so VCF West is certainly out of the question...
However, I noticed that Sellam has worked out a VCF Italia 1.0, which makes
me beg the question: When is VCF Canada 1.0? -- As long as it's in Ontario
there's a good chance I could make that... and if it's close enough, heck,
maybe I could help organize and/or help... Ottawa is touch far, but Toronto
or Hamilton are within an 8-10 hour drive... ;-)

Just a (probably bad) thought... hehehe ;-)

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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