IBM 5100

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 03:04:02 2004

On Aug 6, 2004, at 11:42 PM, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Hello ClassicCmp friends,
> Right now as I type this an interview is in progress on the
> Coast to Coast AM late night radio talk show about a supposed
> time traveler who went back from 2036 to 1975 to obtain a
> classic computer, specifically IBM 5100. Needless to say,
> this story got me highly intrigued.
> Since I don't really know anything about the machine in question,
> I thought I would ask the collective list wisdom. There must have
> been something really special about IBM 5100 for them to go back
> for it from 2036. Does anyone know anything about that machine?
> MS
I was prompted to go back to the "John Titor" stuff I had seen on
the web before...

John - the time traveler made the following claim of the 5100

It could translate between Basic, APL and UNIX

Did it even have a terminal program or a serial port or some other
way to connect it to a Unix machine or a mainframe?
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