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From: G Manuel <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 12:42:18 2004

I just got contacted to come pick up a complete Atari 800 with 5 1/4" drive
and a printer and an Apple IIe with 5 1/4" drive, printer and monitor. They
are supposed to be in good condition and have some software and manuals with
them. I will be picking them up in the next couple of days and will check
them both out. There is also a box of asst parts. The owner doesn't know
what all is there, but, it is all mine for the taking. He was given the
items by his father to dispose of. I get it all for free so I am not going
to complain. :)

I'll keep you posted on condition and what all is there incase someone needs
some of this stuff.

Greg Manuel

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