Holy cow... Concealed weapons

From: Ed Kelleher <Pres_at_macro-inc.com>
Date: Sat Aug 7 15:10:30 2004

At 02:51 PM 8/7/2004, you wrote:
>der Mouse, you obviously know nothing about what it takes to get a
>concealed weapons permit in the US. I have a concealed weapons permit and
>I also have done practical pistol shooting. I would not want untrained
>individuals putting my life at risk. Having a permit in the US does not
>require training or anything but the money and no criminal record. I did
>my training at different opportunities in my life and without any
>requirement to do so.

South Carolina requires training and has a written test and a shooting test
that people must pass before receiving a concealed weapon permit. Most
other states have training requirements also.
But, none of them are very arduous and yes many states don' t have training
requirements at all as you say.

But it really doesn't seem to matter.

The majority of people in the USA live in areas where good citizens can and
do legally carry concealed firearms,
even in places that serve alcohol.
And innocent people are just *not* being hurt by people with a concealed
weapon permit -- training or no training.

You're more likely to be hurt by a PC or an iPod (woman in Tennessee
killed her boyfriend with an iPod)
or by a police officer or government storm trooper than a citizen legally
carrying a concealed weapon.

You don't even *need* a permit to have a loaded handgun in your car in
South Carolina, Georgia, Flordia, North Carolina and Virigina.
Yet people aren't having shootouts in parking lots or on the highways.
Just the occasional rapist or carjacker being blown away is all you hear about.

I don't know what training people would think necessary to carry on an
airliner, but I'd be happy with anyone who could shoot a decent score on an
IPSC or IDPA classifier stage.


But training or not, Glaser Safety Slugs or not, I'd much rather be on a
flight where people with concealed weapons permits could carry
than one that could be splashed by some highly trained F16 pilot because
some bureaucrat, worried about "training" (read CYA), denied me the means
of effective self defense.

Until they start asking, "Carrying or Non-Carrying?", I'm like Joe, if I
can't drive, I likely won't go.

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