Does anyone collect old Modems?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 16:45:51 2004

> I have a bunch of 1200 and 2400's lying around, if anyone's interested

Those are old modems??? They sound rather modern to me :-). Old modems
are things like the Plessey (badged GPO or BT) Modem 2B (all discrete
transsitors, pot-cores in the filters, does 300 buard), or the 13A (A
300 baud modem in a plinth that fits under a Telephone 746). Actually,
those might be too modern for some people :-)

More seriously, some modems are 'collectable' (how I hate that word!). I
think the Hayes oens in the aluminum cases with the black end panels are.
Maybe things like the UK Pace Linnet (how many UK BBS enthusiasts had one
of those? :-). Maybe some of the acccoustic couplers. Personally, I like
modems with very unconventioanl circuitry, like one I have that uses an
8088 as a DSP, or one that's got a couple of large boards stuffed with
AMD 2900 seires chips and an 8*8 multipiier. I think that one does 2400
bps on a private line.

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