Cool finds: B-24 Radio manual

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 21:53:27 2004

   I know this is OT but I thought this was just too neat not to pass on.

    My father just retired and he's now trying to clean up 70 years of
packratting. I was over helping him sort out his TTY stuff and found an old
book in the bottom of a drawer titled Service and Instruction manual RADIO
B-24D Airplane. It's a hardbound book printed by Consolidated Aircraft in
1943 that describes all of the radio systems aboard the B-24 Liberator
bomber. It's over 250 pages long and every page in it is marked Restricted
and it covers everything you could ever want to know about the Command,
Marker Beacon, Radio Compass and Laison radio sets including detailed parts
lists, cable and antenna routing, large foldout schematics, pictures of the
radio sets with all the various parts labeled, pictures of the cockpit with
all the rdio controls labeled, radio theory and loads more. One of the odd
things about this book is that it's NOT a military manual. It's written in
(mostly) non-technical and very readable manner and not like the dry
writing style used in military manuals. It's also hard bound with leather
looking cover and a nice gold embossed Consolidated Aircraft seal and title
on the front cover and spine. My father wants me to try and sell it but I
think I might just lose it on my bookshelf!

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