RQZX1 setup?

From: Douglas Taylor <dj.taylor_at_starpower.net>
Date: Mon Aug 2 20:33:12 2004

I have the manual for the RQZX1, there are two ways to get the Resident
Firmware to boot:

1. From the ODT level;

At the system prompt, type the base address followed by a slash (/);

_at_17772150/177777 1

type in a one after you open the location and hit return. Then
open the next location and type in 123

_at_17772152/5000 123


start at 0

2. The other way is select DU253 or MU253 as the boot device. This will
start the diagnostics from ROM.

Once in the diagnostics you have to get the controller to 'Autoconfigure'
so it can see all your SCSI devices.


At 04:05 AM 8/1/2004, you wrote:
> I'm trying to find documentation on an RQZX1 Qbus SCSI controller. I'd
> like to know the dip switch settings, and especially how to access the
> ROM-based configuration tool.
> Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
> Doc Shipley
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