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Date: Wed Aug 4 19:17:47 2004

> The reason the subject is for "Software Users" is that ""Hardware
> Users" will probably want to use ONLY standard DEC distributions of
> RT-11 which sufficiently exercise the real PDP-11 hardware. The goal
> of this post is to reach and elicit comments from all of those hobby
> RT-11 Users who want the bugs fixed and / or want some enhancements.
cool project and thanks for doing it, of course my problem is I use the
real hardware, in fact I'm largly giving up the new (Qbus) machines,
having a pdp-11/40 on my desk is pretty cool... and I've gotten rid of
most of my pc software, so until I can find a unibus cdrom controller I'm
a bit out of luck.
I would very much like a V1 and V2 distro, so I'd have something to use on
my 11/20 (it would take less space on the desk).
Actually, as a somewhat new user to RT11, I'm being continually impressed
by it, I had been wanting a print spooler and found it, then I was wishing
for history, now I read about SL. sadly, I think it is about time to move
on, the 6.3 filenames and the lack of a tree filesystem are my real

I do plan to continue to use RT to test machines and show it at the VCF,
so the date being fixed for Y2k would be a help, speaking of HELP, I find
it pretty incomplete, if you are looking for a way for novice/hobbiests to
play with RT, and most of us have only spotty documentation a bigger help
library might be a priority.

my $.02

take care,
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