Free hardware to a good home.

From: Steve Young <>
Date: Fri Aug 6 17:49:34 2004

  Here's a bunch of stuff I have to get rid of. I really hope there's a good
home out there for the somewhat rare Sparc I have, I think it's a pretty
one-of-a-kind device.

  - A portable Sparc I have that was custom manufactured for the US
    military. Built to mil-spec, it comes in an imposing grey briefcase.
    Somewhat portable, has a battery backup that seems to consist of 22
    NiCad AA batteries. Has a mysterious IC slot on the bottom with no
    chip in it that is not part of the original Sparc hardware it's based off
    of. 64mb RAM, it's an IPX under the hood. Has no disk, and the disk
    enclosure uses some kind of proprietary connector that you might be able
    to get to work with a normal SCSI drive. It has all sorts of cool features
    like an airtight enclosure and a depressurization valve for lugging it
    through the desert and changes in altitude. Last time I powered it on
    it worked fine and was able to netboot SunOS 4.1.4.
  - Two C64s + drives, an apple 2c, mac plus (4mb RAM), apple imagewriter
    dot matrix printer with about a 50 yr supply of ink cartridges and
    refill kits.
  - A real VT220 with a dodgy power button that could probably be fixed
  - A miscellaneous assortment of external SCSI enclosures.

  All this (or part of this) can be yours for S&H. I'm not part of this
mailing list so please e-mail me privately.

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