contact lube

From: Jack Rubin <>
Date: Sun Aug 8 11:54:30 2004

While watching me struggle with the cards in my OSI C4P, someone at VCF
East (I can't remember who, sorry if it was you) suggested a product (I
can't remember what, I was a bit distracted) that they used to clean and
lubricate contacts. I just did a little googling and there seem to be
two "major" products: Stabilant 22 and DeoxIT. Anyone care to share
their experiences with either of these or make another recommendation?



Hey Bill,

That was me - while DeoxIT is great for cleaning contacts, the lube I
told you about is Nygel - check out - which is
more like the Dow silicone that Dwight mentioned. It's especially good
on the pin-type connectors used for the SS-50/30 buses, OSI, etc. as
well as Heathkit H8 and H89. You could even use DeoxIT first to clean
the contacts. You won't believe the difference after you've applied an
appropriate lube.

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