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Date: Sun Aug 8 16:10:10 2004

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, Ed Kelleher wrote:

> At 02:21 AM 8/8/2004, you wrote:
> >If you go around acting the ass
> >when you've already been bitch slapped,
> LOL - thinking of someone attempting to bitch slap Mike Tyson or any pro
> fighter or soldier.
> They're used to being hit --- and responding.
> More correct term for what happened is "sucker punched" which can happen to
> anyone.

My politics dictates it was a bitch slap. And Mike Tyson just got bitch
slapped the other day. Check into it.

There is no such thing as a "sucker punch" in international politics.
It's called bad intelligence and lax defenses. Calling it a sucker punch
is an attempt to avoid the hard answers (i.e. denial).

> 1) I don't think most people on this list could be "bitch slapped" by a
> problem - whipped into submission. They'll keep coming back and back and
> back till they whip the problem into submission.

Hopefully we are capable of learning from our past.

> 2) Could the activities this list promotes (classic computing) exist in a
> place where people's work is owed to the state.
> I think the conversation would go something like this, "Why [insert
> euphemistic description] are you wasting time on this IBM 5100 nonsense
> when you could be [insert state supported activity here]".

You're trying to argue that people cannot collect computers in a
dictatorship? Bizarre.

> You implied that America's arrogance was the cause of the problem.
> I don't think that's the root cause. This list (and the personal freedom
> it describes) is a much greater threat to a dictator then a country that
> whips the snot out of someone who attempts to "bitch slap" them.

That sounds like something a Fox News devotee would say.

> Though I guess it would be better if the USA wasn't so [insert list of
> perjorative terms here] and were more humble.

Now you're on the right track!

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