Anyone need greenbar paper?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 00:16:32 2004

Just for grins, I went to google & typed in "greenbar paper" - and the 3rd
or 4th link was this:

They have 18 & 20 lb. greenbar paper, 8.5" and 11" deep, narrow &
widecarriage (in each) and they even carry carbonless 2-part! Prices range
from $33/carton to $90/carton.

Dunno if the prices are any good or not, but I did notice their "over $25
order gets free shipping" banner prominently displayed - I'm sure shipping
this schtuff ain't cheap, so it might be a decent deal...

Me? Don't need it... even all my dot-matrix printers had cut-sheet feeders
on 'em... ;-)


That said, what I *have* been looking for (and google turned up nothing the
last 3 times I checked) is a set of:

Greenbar Bedsheets.

I'd doubt they're still made, and it seems they weren't that popular when
they were, as they certainly didn't make a big mark on google or history,
it seems.

Ah well... one can dream, right?

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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