Bludgeoned to death with an iPod? (was Re: Holy cow... Concealed weapons)

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 09:37:09 2004

>> You're more likely to be hurt by a PC or an iPod (woman in Tennessee
>> killed her boyfriend with an iPod)
>"Police said no motive has been confirmed, although evidence suggested
>the murder was the result of a domestic dispute after Pulaski erased the
>contents of Mathers' iPod."
>That is the funniest damn thing I have heard all week.
>"According to law officers, Mathers was hysterical when police arrived
>and told them that she killed her boyfriend only after he accused her of
>illegally downloading music and erased about 2,000 of her MP3s. Mathers
>complained that it took 3 months to build her music collection."
>Innocent. I'd a done the same damn thing.

Cripes... I want to know if the iPod still works! That would be a
durability test no one else could lay claim to. "You can bash in your
boyfriend's head, and continue listening to your MP3's, all without
missing a beat"

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