Holy cow... Concealed weapons

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Mon Aug 9 10:05:05 2004

>South Carolina requires training and has a written test and a shooting test
>that people must pass before receiving a concealed weapon permit. Most
>other states have training requirements also.
>But, none of them are very arduous and yes many states don' t have training
>requirements at all as you say.

In NJ to get a carry permit, you have to be 18, and you have to petition
a judge to issue you the carry permit. Before they will consider you, you
MUST "qualify" with a handgun. That basically means, you know how to
load, unload, handle, and can hit the broad side of a barn. After that it
is entirely up to the judge if you get the carry permit or not. Generally
speaking, they won't give you the permit unless you have a really good
reason for it (work as armed security, or have some profession such as a
diamond dealer that would give you a valid reason for it). General
shmucks would not be given the permit... unless you happen to be buddies
with the judge.

So in NJ, it isn't impossible to get a carry permit, but it isn't the
easiest thing for a general citizen to get.

At least that was the way it worked 10 years ago when it was last of
issue to me (I used to work for a security company as a "rent-a-cop" to
pay for college).

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