eBay Auction of Classic Compaq Luggable

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Date: Mon Aug 9 14:11:50 2004

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> >>> They thought it was a sewing machine.
> Guess the price was due to the limited availability of needles and
> bobbins....

Actually it was due to the glut of sewing machines they had. I got a ton of
cool stuff when they were overloaded with computer gear. Filled a shopping
cart full of stuff for about $50. (Ataris, a bunch of TI99/4 stuff,
Commodore 128 things, it was awesome) Alas they don't have a computer
department anymore, but they did open up their basement where everything is
under $10. Still some neat things from time to time.

> >>> Works great, comes with 20GB MFM hard drive.
> 20 Gig MFM....Was not aware of such a beast...20MB IDE or 20MB MFM is more
> likely....

Yeah, I automatically type GB when referring to hard drives these days.
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