Altos 386/1000 - anyone got install media?

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 14:25:12 2004

Hi there,
  I've just got an Altos 386/1000 with what appears to be 14M of memory,
an expansion board with four RS232 ports and possibly two AUI ports (one
is certainly AUI), and a 300-odd Mb hard drive that I suspect is dying.

Does anyone have a copy of some install media for this? I would like to
try another, healthier (and possibly quieter) SCSI drive in the old beast.
 I think it probably boots an installer from tape, but there is a 5.25"
floppy drive as well.

Thanks folks,
  Gordon JC Pearce.
Received on Mon Aug 09 2004 - 14:25:12 BST

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