Keyboard pads

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 16:28:00 2004

I've found several keyboards with the foam pads. Incidentally, none were
of either the Keytronic or Sun type that I've heard other people talk
about. All the Keytronic keyboards and two of the Sun keyboards I checked
do not have the pads, but rather rubber "cones". I've gotten fairly good
at being able to determine which keyboards have the pads and which ones
don't based on the feel of the keypress.

Anyway, if anyone needs these pads for restoration work, I'll sell the
relevant part of the keyboard for $10 plus shipping (minus extraneous
plastic/metal to reduce weight), or I'll take all the pads out for you
for $20 plus shipping. It may well work out to be a wash either way.
Figure the cost is $.20 per pad if you have me take them out, which I
think is a good deal.

E-mail me privately if interested.

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