TKQ50 proms

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 19:57:48 2004

On Aug 9 2004, 14:35, wrote:
> Pete,
> I have a few tqk50 controllers (at least they are qbus and run
> drives). I'll have to look up the numbers but I'm pretty sure they
> tqk50 on them. I am in the Boston, MA area. If I can fire up my
> programmer and they are of the 27xxx ilk, I can read them. If not,
> ship you a board, since I am a little closer.

Shipping would still be transatlantic, but the ROMs should be 27128s so
they should be easy to read. Intel HEX or a binary image are
preferred, but I can also handle S-record files if necessary.

Thank you!

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