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Date: Tue Aug 10 08:46:37 2004

At 01:10 PM 22/11/2002 +1100, Kane, David (DPRS) wrote:
>>The system comprised a CPU and dual 8" floppy in a half height rack, on
>>top of which sat a marked sense card reader, and in the corner was a DEC
>>line printer. My memory of the CPU front panel is that it looks somewhat
>>like an 11/34 picture I found in the user manual PDF with the programmers
>>console. But I definitely remember it as an "slash zero" something model,
>>so I believe that it was an 04. However the only picture of an 04 I have
>>found to date has a rather basic looking programmers panel, by basic I
>>mean as it is simple white text on black panel and buttons. I seem to
>>remember the octal keypad had a border drawn on the pane and was a little
>>bit smarter looking, maybe there were updated cosmetic version of the
>>panel. The system booted straight to a local derivative of FORTRAN (MONECS
>>FORTRAN), so we were insulated from the hardware and I therefore have no
>>memory or interface card details.
>The MONECS system we had at La Trobe for many years was an 11/23 (maybe >an
>11/23+) although this was the prepackaged version from Digital known as the
>DEAMON. For those of you outside of Australia:
>MONECS - MONash (University) Educational Computing System

PDP-11/05 (or PDP11/10), core memory, Documation or HP brand mark
sense card readers, Memorex 751 floppy disk drives (these preceeded 8
inch floppys that most people would recognise) and a line printer.
System packaging varied greatly with the processor and drives racked
into desks or wheeled cabinets. They were in various Secondary schools
in Victoria, Monash University (for first year students before they
graduated to terminals) and some may have been used at Melbourne
University. Suggest C. Ching would have the best knowledge of these

>DEAMON - Digital Equipment Australia / MONash

>From memory the versions I maintained were PDP11/04 based, RX01, etc.
The 11/03, 11/23 would have been later machines.

>Monash University developed a card based system where the user wrote code
>(in FORTRAN, COBOL and ISTR a pseudo-assembler) and used pre-punched or
>mark sense cards. You queued up to use the card reader, loaded your own job
>and collected output almost immediately. I used the main frame based
>(probably Burroughs) predecessor to lean to program FORTRAN in either 1969
>or 1970. We used to send our cards by post to Monash and if we were lucky
>would get one run a week....

Probably Fortran on the Burroughs B5500, maybe too early for the
B6700, this is before my time. Think both of these machines were
ex-Victorian Government Gas and Fuel Corporation mainframes and were
donated to Monash Uni by Burroughs for a token amount.

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