NExt Station for sale

From: Soheila Soheil <>
Date: Tue Aug 10 17:24:40 2004

Excellent condition. Looks new. If interested, please
send email to
Price $475.
we can email you pictures:

NeXTstation Color

32MB Memory
406 MB Hard Disk Drive and Floppy disk drive
Keyboard + Mouse + Sound Box + CD ROM
NeXTstation (MegaPixel) 21-inch Color Monitor
SCSI port
A and B serial ports
DSP port
Display port
Printer port
Twisted-pair and thin-wire Ethernet port
Miniphone jack for headphones
Left and right line-out jacks
NeXT Mach 3.3 (Processor 68040)
All original Software CDs
Network and System Administration Manual
Userís Reference Manual
NEXTSTEP Userís Guide
NEXTSTEP Object-Oriented Programming and The Objective
C Language
Setup and Tutorials Manual
Applications Manual
Service Guide
NeXSTEP Programming (Simson L. Garfinkel, Michael K.

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