Osborne / TRS-80 III wanted for British TV show- can you help?

From: steven <tosteve_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Aug 10 18:51:59 2004

This was posted on oldcomputers.net comments page, can
anyone help?

Please email rosy thomas directly:

we are working on a comedy series over here at
talkback - basically a pastiche of the old British
technology programme "Tomorrow's World" specifically
circa 1980. A script is currently being written which
includes a fictitious military super computer -
interest has been expressed in the stylistic beauty of
the Osbourne 1 and also the TRS-80 model III... I
expect you would not be interested in hiring your
computers to our production but I wonder if you could
advise me of any easy way to get hold of such rare
computers for our temporary purposes. We do have full
insurance public liability and otherwise. We start
filming on the 13th September for 6 weeks. I will
attempt e-bay and also explore all your links but if
you could advise me in any way I would be very
grateful. If you are interested there is information
about our first series on the www.bbc.co.uk. This was
a slightly different format in that it was a pastiche
on the open university programmes of the late
seventies. Thanking you in anticipation for any help
you can give me.

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