Pristine systems at scrappers...

From: Lyle Bickley <>
Date: Tue Aug 10 19:40:39 2004

One of our local scrappers called me up today about some systems they pulled
from a working site. I went and looked at them and they must have been in a
controlled environment - they are all in excellent to pristine condition.

They will be scrapped shortly - in fact, by the time I got there (two hours
after the call) - one big Teradyne was already stripped :-(

If you are interested in any of these, let me know immediately and what price
you'd like to offer for the equipment. The equipment is in the San Francisco
Bay Area - shipping on some of this stuff would be costly (RA82/VAX,
Sequents, Teradyne, IBM 3720)....

Several VAX 3100 (M76 and M38)
Several Digital BA42s with RZ55, RZ56 and RZ57
Digital RA82/VAX 3600
Sequent (1) S2000/500 and (1) S2000/200
Teradyne S16 (?)
IBM Power 530
IBM 3720

Lyle Bickley
Bickley Consulting West Inc.
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