Let's develop an open-source media archive standard

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Date: Tue Aug 10 23:53:55 2004

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> Platforms do not figure into the specification I have in mind. It would
> be a specification. It could then be implemented on whatever platform
> anyone cared to. As long as the various applications follow the spec,
> images will be able to be stored where ever. Apple ][ users could store
> Amiga images if they wanted to.
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Specifications are nice, but unless you get the people who still have the
hardware and software to join in it will get nowhere. The problem is getting
the people to follow the standards and image their disks, once the images
have been collected you can do what you want with them and not worry about
the platform they came from. CAPS software uses an Amiga 1200 platform to
get images from the original disks, Commodore 64 users can grab images from
a 1541/1571 drive connected to a PC running DOS connected to the drive with
a xe1541 cable and some software. As far as I know there is no hardware that
can precisely read all of the different disk formats and sizes let alone
deal with all copy protection methods (such as laser hole in the media
itself). You still need the original hardware of the platform it ran on to
get the images.. so you have to get the people of the different platforms
behind you (good luck).
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