Tandy 10 Business Computer System

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I have a flyer I picked up for it back in the days when Tandy was selling these. The picture shows a desk with what looks like a terminal of some sort built into the top. To one side is a large box which appears to have 2 8" floppy drives where you'd find the drawers of the desk. The specs are listed as 8080 cpu, 48k memory, 24x80 video display, 2 dual sided diskette drives, extended version of Dartmouth BASIC, ADOS Disk Operating System all for $9,995.00. Fortran compiler for $300.00 and several printer options are also listed. Some other details listed but that's the main part. I picked this up at a Radio Shack Computer Center IIRC. I believe they dropped it about the time they came out with the Model II.

Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com> wrote:
It was NOT a predecessor to the TRS-80, nor a model 2/12/16.

While Radio Shack was peddling the TRS-80,
Tandy was trying to peddle some "business" "mini-computer"s.
IIRC, it was built into a desk. I don't know where you had
to go to actually SEE one (I don't think that even the Radio
Shack "computer center"s had them), but Tandy did have a
catalog for them. I have no idea what the specs were.

LATER, Radio Shack came out with the model 2 (Z80, with 8" drives,
and CP/M capable through third parties, such as Pickles and Trout
or Lifeboat).
Then the models 12 and 16 (Z80 AND 68000!)

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Joe R. wrote:

> I wonder if they meant a model 16?
> Joe
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> >While reading through an old (1979) book, I came across a reference to a
> Tandy 10 system (complete with picture), as an example of "turnkey
> systems". Judging from the date of publication, I presume this is some
> precursor to the TRS-80, but I have not been able to dig up any more info
> on it. Has anyone else ever heard of such a computer before, and could you
> share your info, please?
> >
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