DEC/PDP-11 ROMs -- was Re: TKQ50 proms

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Aug 11 11:46:53 2004

On Aug 9 2004, 21:58, wrote:
> I have three boards. Two of them are Rev. K3. One of the boards has
> on it, and no readable version, but the second has the 330-E5 and the
> 331-E5.

Thanks, Joe. I've got images now.

For those who may be interested, I've added a few more images to my DEC
ROM collection, including those. In an effort to make it slightly more
user-friendly, I've also added a 00ReadMe file and one called
"ROMlist", which lists ROM numbers I know, with the modules they belong
to, and some (occasionally cryptic) notes.

The whole lot is at

Further contributions welcome :-)

Did anyone sort out a repository for the small PROMs used in Unibus
bootstraps and the like? I know Henk has a nice (if you don't mind
Javascript) list of the common ones, but I don't know if dumps are
around anywhere.

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