Osborne / TRS-80 III wanted for British TV show- can you help?

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Wed Aug 11 14:06:34 2004

Fred Cisin wrote:
> For "old British technology...circa 1980", wouldn't
> an Amstrad be more appropriate?

The Amstrads are a few years younger than that, actually.
In 1980, you'd be able to get an Acorn, Sinclair or
Tangerine system, or you could buy a Compukit UK101 in
kit form. Then there's the Nascom, Research Machines,
and possibly a few others.

I've got in touch with the original poster, BTW. The
company's previous series was called Look Around You,
and I think it featured a Commodore PET 2001.

John Honniball
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