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From: Vintage Computer Festival <vcf_at_siconic.com>
Date: Wed Aug 11 15:29:49 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Jason McBrien wrote:

> > That's where the Longnow Foundation may be able to play a rather
> > significant part in the development of this specification.
> If it were up to them the spec would be encoded in integer-binary form on a
> string of beryllium-cobalt-copper links, fed into a giant water-powered
> mechanical difference engine tabulation computer to reproduce the works on
> stainless steel discs in any number of base-n numbering systems :)

Well, thank goodness we won't be having them actually develop the spec
itself :) What I had in mind with them is to help to put into place a
perpetual system of regeneration so that the image library can be updated
as long as there are humans around to do so.

> Cool bunch of people. I saw them on Big Thinkers back when TechTV was good.
> Now it's time to write up my idea for the Long Now clock... Is it me or do
> many of these look like the time controller machine in Tomb Raider (The
> Movie)?
> http://www.longnow.org/10kclock/clockother.htm

This is a really cool project that I follow (from time to time) with
great interest. I wish I could be more involved but I've already got a
million projects going on.

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