Let's develop an open-source media archive standard

From: Antonio Carlini <a.carlini_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Wed Aug 11 18:23:54 2004

> I read that, and I understand the concerns expressed. But a
> first step is
> to actually develop a universally recognized format to
> archive the data
> from various media into. The hard part is coming up with either a
> technology that can last millenia, or a system that is
> foolproof and will
> make sure the archive data is propagated throughout generations.

There someone suggesting that the Aliens SETI is looking
for might well have stored there messages right under our
noses - or rather in them, right in the DNA.

Pretty low bandwidth propogation mechanism, but I guess
if we design a small creature with lots of junk DNA we
can store stuff in ... Of course, we'd need a pretty
powerful ECC to be able to retrieve the data in a
few thousand years!


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