RESCUED: pristine systems (DEC)

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 01:38:38 2004


Just to let you know I followed up to Lyle's message, and
went to see those guys (with Lyle) to see what is there.
I am going in there tomorrow morning, and will save the
systems from the oven. Basically, we have:

- MicroVAX 3600 with RA82 (my new baby ;-)
- extra rack filled with 6 pcs RA92
- Cipher magtape unit, frontloader (not in rack)
- two VAX 4000(-500A) systems
- a stack of BA42 storage expanders with various drives
- a stack of MicroVAX 3100 -M38 and -M76 systems
- two what seem to be DECsystem 5500 systems
- one more VAX 3600

.. and some little things. If you have an interest in any
of this (cept the 3600- tis mine!) please contact me off-list
so we can work something out.

Warning: RA92 dont ship well. This means that it will probably
be pickup only, sorry.

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