Let's develop an open-source media archive standard

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Thu Aug 12 07:14:47 2004

Suggestion to the list....

This topic looks like it is gaining some serious momentum! However it is
also getting very hard to follow [at least to me] due to the nature of the
list and is "over-taking" the list.

It might be a good idea if an alternative (enhanced) venue could be
arranged. It seems a dedicated forum [not list] might be a good idea. This
way the ideas could be divided into distinct areas and threads. Files
attached, etc.

Of course most forums are [...aack..] Windows based, so this might annoy
some members.

I can actually host a dedicated forum for this purpose if it seems like a
good idea. The forum can be moderated or open [users will of course have to

If this seems like a good idea, please let me know VIA DIRECT E-MAIL.

David V. Corbin
Dynamic Concepts Development Corp
Sayville, New York
Received on Thu Aug 12 2004 - 07:14:47 BST

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