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From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 08:57:55 2004

I agree in all what Hans had to say except for how data would be stored. This is supposed to be an archive format which would in my view preclude getting data from the outside world. My only other concern as I have stated before was that data should not be an integral part of the media. If a device happens to be a tape drive, the data on the tape still separates into "file" type data and overhead data required for the tape physical format. Enbedding the "file" tyupe data inside of the physical format makes the data inaccessible without special knowledge.

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From: Hans Franke <>
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> I'm not so sure about having the actual data within the archive element;
> I'd rather have it afterwards.

I would prefer an aproach where both ways are possible, includeing
a third wich allows to put the data even into another file. In the
CCDD definition almost every element (except META) may be empty and
have a HREF attribute pointing to it's content:

A take header record could have it's data included:

<DATA SIZE="80" ENCODING="CHAR" FILLER=" ">HDR2U020480204841 00</DATA>

or just point to the data

<DATA SIZE="80" ENCODING="CHAR" FILLER=" " ID="DB1">HDR2U020480204841 00</DATA>

which of course may even be in another file:

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