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From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 09:10:33 2004

that would be fine. Your <archivetype> is what <media> was all about though i.e. rom definition etc. The archive really doesn't have a type, it does however contain media information and then the data to be accessed or put onto the defined media.

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How about breaking up the sections a bit, like HTML <head><body> sections?
Putting card-catalog information up top in it's own section would speed
indexing and searches. Like this:

<archive image file version="1.0">

a place to put whatever relevant information is needed about the format or
or your favorite poem or joke
<archiver>Pete Smith</archiver>
<method>ROM Dumper V4.12</method>
<title>Omega Race</title>
<fmttype>Game Cartridge</fmttype>

<default-sector-data value="$AA"/>

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