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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_siemens.com>
Date: Thu Aug 12 09:33:24 2004

Am 11 Aug 2004 16:38 meinte ben franchuk:
> McFadden, Mike wrote:
> > I'll be friar Mike hunched over a lectern transcribing data with an ion
> > writer.

> Give me holographic media!
> BTW what happed to holographic storage anyhow?

Just seen a feature about that on public TV. It seams like they
are comeing along with it. There's a team at the University of
Stuttgart which recently developed a way forfine controll of
the laser light to address the storage without huge high precicion
mirror systems. I couldn't find a web reference, but according
to the report tey are now able to dynamicly controll the beam
and thus can read the desired page even if the cube has moved
or is in a less than perfect fitting. Also you no longer need
an optical bank and the beam length of more than a meter, the
new system can be already fitted in a case the size of a classic
5.25 drive (full height) with an exchangeable holographic media
of 1cm^3 size and about a Terra Byte of storage capacity.

Main drawback is still the cost for the holographic media.

Targetet date for real world applications is arround 2008.

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