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From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Thu Aug 12 12:18:40 2004

Jay West wrote:
> Just obtained an M4 Data tape drive, model 9914 (800/1600/3200/6250)... just pulled from working service...desktop enclosure... $50 bucks :)
> I believe it's Differential, not single ended. I haven't kept up with PC technology (hooking this to a PC). Is this older Differential the same as LVD? I believe it had a centronics 50 pin connector labeled "differential". I'm wondering what SCSI card I can use with this... Adaptec 2940?

   Nope. I forget how Adaptec's HVD line is numbered, but LVD, wide, or
UW will NOT work with HVD devices, and will likely cause Magic Smoke to

   And, of course, HVD adapters for PC have gotten Very Damned Expensive.

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