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From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Thu Aug 12 12:28:40 2004

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Jay West wrote:

> Just obtained an M4 Data tape drive, model 9914 (800/1600/3200/6250)...
> just pulled from working service...desktop enclosure... $50 bucks :)

   Wow - I paid $400 for mine, and was happy to get it!

> I believe it's Differential, not single ended. I haven't kept up with PC
> technology (hooking this to a PC). Is this older Differential the same
> as LVD? I believe it had a centronics 50 pin connector labeled
> "differential". I'm wondering what SCSI card I can use with this...
> Adaptec 2940?

    Mine runs with the Adaptec 14- mumblemumble on this laptop with a copy
of Novastore - reads and writes tapes just fine, but I have it mainly
connected to the SCSI port on my VaxStation 3100 - and it mounts, reads,
and writes just fine under VMS 7.1.

  Mine has a sticky hub-lock solenoid - at the beginning of a session I
have to lift up the deck and give it a tweak - then it's good for the rest
of the time. I've lubed it and taken it apart (and the damn hub, too!)
and put it all back - same thing - so I just do the workaround and all is

   Let me know if I can help out with this - IIRC, I have the service and
operator's manual on .pdf somewhere...


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