Altos 386-1000 Install media, manuals, or anything else

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Date: Mon Aug 9 09:29:52 2004

Hi there,
  I've just acquired an Altos 386-1000. It's got an expansion board with
what seems to be two AUIs and four extra serial ports, what appears to
be 14M of RAM, and a 300-odd Mb hard disk that I suspect may be failing.

Does anyone have a copy of any manuals, or any install media for this? It
is running some kind of Sys V Unix, and does actually boot most of the
time, but I'd like to fit another (quieter, if nothing else) drive to it.
Also, it has a lot of old customer information from the previous owner,
and I'd like to do a clean install if at all possible.

Many thanks,

  Gordon JC Pearce.
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