Matrox graphic card

From: Wright Trevor <>
Date: Wed Aug 11 07:24:41 2004

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Hi lee
I found this discussion thread recently and would be interested in the
Matrox Graphic cards - have you still got?
Best Regards
Trevor Wright
Recently rescued ..
 HP 9000/300 - 68010 CPU, 1MB RAM + video (so it says)
 HP 9153A - 2 of, floppy + HD (probably 10MB)
 HP 35731A - 12" 512x400 monochrome monitor (some burn)
 HP 46021A - keyboard
 HP 46083A - HP-HIL rotary control
 HP 46084A - HP-HIL ID module
One of the 9153A drives is alleged to contain the software
to dribe a gas chromatograph (written in PASCAL) the other
is alleged to contain the PASCAL compiller environment.
Not tested as yet. Also ..
 MEM/340 - 4MB multibus II(?) memory card
And bought recently ..
 Heurikon M220 - 5 of, VME, 68020/68881, 4MB DRAM, SCSI, 2 x SERIAL
 Matrox MMG640 - 2 of, VME, graphics, ??
I need info for the Matrox and Heurikon boards, and possibly ROM
images, and I could use a VME backplane or two (or other VME cards
such as ethernet) so the HP stuff and the multibus card are available
for swap/sale. I can probably deliver/collect within the UK.

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