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From: Bigum, Henrik <HB_at_kpll.dk>
Date: Thu Aug 12 06:48:56 2004


I assume you have left the B26 platform for a long time ago.

But what you had in your hand was a excellent machine, with no comparison at
that time, think about running multitasking on an 80186 platform, no one
else, as far I know, has done that.

You can not boot on any DOS/Windows disks, you have to have an B26 operating
system, the prompt

V 9.2

is at debug level, you can choose here to boot on varios sources, but again
you need an old BTOS/CTOS os

I did work for Burroughs-Unisys- and a Unisys consultant company at that
time working primary with BTOS/CTOS.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen

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