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Date: Thu Aug 12 21:29:37 2004

> Decmate Software, copyright 1985, DM/WPS utility
> diskette 2.0 and DM/WPS system diskette v2.0. Don't know which version of
> decmate they are for, but they are 5.25 inch, not 8 inch.
These are the basic wordprocessing which is called WPS and should work on
the Decmate II and III.
Since the RX50s held 400K on each floppy they were fine for wordprocessing
and two RX50s was a common configuration. You could keep DM/WPS in drive A,
the Utility disk or another in Drive B and Data disks in C and D.
CPM was an option with a piggyback processing card as was a hard drive.
Neither are commonly found in Decmate IIs
Astoria, OR
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