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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Fri Aug 13 04:34:42 2004

On Aug 12 2004, 12:05, Jay West wrote:
> Just obtained an M4 Data tape drive, model 9914
(800/1600/3200/6250)... just pulled from working service...desktop
enclosure... $50 bucks :)
> I believe it's Differential, not single ended. I haven't kept up with
PC technology (hooking this to a PC). Is this older Differential the
same as LVD? I believe it had a centronics 50 pin connector labeled
"differential". I'm wondering what SCSI card I can use with this...
Adaptec 2940?

No, older "differential" is not the same as Low-Voltage Differential.
 It's often referred to as HVD (though that term didn't appear until
later, once LVD entered the scene). LVD devices can (almost always)
work with single-ended controllers, because it's supposed to recognise
the Diffsense signal (grounded for SE) -- hence you often see labels
"LVD/SE" -- but the same is *not* true for HVD. Connecting HVD to LVD
or SE won't work, and may let out the Magic Smoke forkm either or both

2940 is SE or LVD; the HVD equivalent is 2944 (3944 is also HVD).
 There are a few on Ebay right now. I just bought one; I have a
similar problem.

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