VCF UK? (was Re: VCF West hotel)

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Aug 13 07:05:19 2004

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> > Eventually. I was speaking with some folks at Bletchly Park
> > a few years ago but that never went anywhere.
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> > Perhaps we can try again?
> Not with Bletchley, they don't have the facilities

Not true there - there are plenty of conference rooms and halls within
the mansion, and the resteraunt / bar facilities. The problem lies with
the management seemingly indifferent to actually making any money from
hiring out the facilities, except to the odd wedding.

(I wonder if the cinema with the vintage equipment in is available too?
Classic computer movies on classic equipment... :)

> and aside from the
> volunteers I suspect they don't have the interest either.

Exactly. What a waste, huh?

> I don't know what your budget is but the Fairfield Halls
> in Croydon, London was where we had the CGE-UK the other week
> and that was a good venue for VCF type events.

Indeed it was. It was quite an expensive venue for the weekend though.
The Science Museum presumably have conference halls and the like for
hire, but again being in London it's likely to be expensive...


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