TV Typewriter (was: Custom made front panels)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 07:18:02 2004

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> When I restored my TV Typewriters I made a metal case.

Very nice. I was going to build a TVT (modified for 40x25 and PAL/CVBS
output), but never managed to find a set of schematics. I might print off the
CT-1024 schematics and have a quick look - with a bit of luck it might be
fairly easy to upgrade the CT-1024 to 24 lines by 64 columns (or maybe more,
but I don't want to go as far as 80x25 - on a Microvitec Cub 653 that's
downright painful to read).
I was (originally) going to buy an amber-screen VT420 or similar terminal,
but they seem to be quite rare in the UK, if greed-bay is anything to go by.
Anything that recognises the standard ANSI command codes (and with an amber
screen if possible) would be fine; the smaller the better (within reason).
Ah well :-/

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