RQZX1 setup?

From: Douglas Taylor <dj.taylor_at_starpower.net>
Date: Thu Aug 12 20:38:25 2004

At 01:18 PM 8/9/2004, you wrote:
>Douglas Taylor wrote:
>>I have the manual for the RQZX1, there are two ways to get the Resident
>>Firmware to boot:
>>1. From the ODT level;
>>2. The other way is select DU253 or MU253 as the boot device. This will
>>start the diagnostics from ROM.
>>Once in the diagnostics you have to get the controller to 'Autoconfigure'
>>so it can see all your SCSI devices.
> Thanks, Doug!
> I had found a couple of pages of the manual and have been able to get
> into the firmware and configure the system **if and only if** a TZ30
> tape drive is attached.

This sounds odd. A TZ30 is holding your system 'hostage'? I've connected
a TZ30 into the scsi bus and didn't noticed anything odd.

>Even if the controller is set to MSCP on both channels and an alternate
>second CSR address, I can't access the RFM either by the ODT method or the
>BOOT xU253 method, and can't boot from the SCSI disk.

If you need more info from the manual I'll scan the table of contents.

> This isn't a showstopper, but it is terribly confusing. The person
> from whom I got the switch settings and RFM instructions runs a variety
> of tape devices on his RQZX1 with no problems.

What other kinds of tape devices can you use?

> I can, by the way, install a second tape device and have that recognized.
> My board is silkscreened REV. E, and the resident firmware utility
> shows a firmware revision of v2.3 and hardware revision "L".

I don't know what I have off hand.

> Doc
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