ANN: Altair32 release 3.0 posted

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 21:39:47 2004

Hello, all:

        I wanted to drop everyone a note to let you know that the latest version of
the Altair32 Emulator was released this evening. It has been more than a
year since the last update and a lot of work has gone into bug hunting and
enhancing operational performance. Scott made the timeslicer multi-threaded,
so now the Altair32 can achieve prototypical performance with a machine as
slow as a Pentium-III/500MHz (the slowest machine available for testing) at
a greatly reduced host system load (10-20%).

        There are a few things on the drawing board for the next version. First, we
will be adding support for a to-be-named color graphics board. Second,
hopefully, we will be adding support for an operational Altair (or IMSAI)
front panel with a machined metal dress panel in the case of the Altair, or
a screenprinted plexiglass one for the IMSAI.

        Thanks again for all of your support with this project, and enjoy. As
always, if anyone finds any bugs or anomalies in the code, please let me


Rich Cini
Collector of classic computers
Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
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