Where to see vintage computers in (your town here) ???

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Date: Sat Aug 14 14:41:02 2004


I can't read any of the text except for the opening page when using Mozilla
(Firefox). It works fine with IE. Mozilla is my browser of choice these days
because it is very good at blocking spyware, and I suspect a lot of other
people are using it. You might want to adjust your background and text color
schemes to make the site Mozilla friendly.

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> Hello fellow collectors,
> There's a new resource for finding places to see antique computers, at the
> (updated) web site of the Computer Collector E-mail Newsletter.
> The URL remains the same as before (http://news.computercollector.com) but
> there's a much improved section called "On the road" with a directory of
> museums and stores.
> I created this page because I keep seeing the same question appear on
> classiccmp over and over again, and then I started getting the same
> from newsletter readers too.
> Currently there are 53 listings. Mostly they are museums (some for adults
> some for children) and there are some stores too. In the future, I plan
to add
> more listings of electronics and surplus stores, swap meets locations, and
> bookstores.
> The "On the road" directory and the newsletter itself, which still
> every Monday(-ish), are and will always remain free.
> However, I do ask for your help. If you know of any museums, stores that
> old computers or relevant parts, swap meets, or science/technology
> no matter how small or out-of-the-way they are, then please tell me. For
> the directory is sorted by U.S. state, but when it becomes more full, I'll
> probably make it searchable and also separated by category (museum, store,
> etc.)... eventually I'll add non-U.S. locations too. Another idea I have
is to
> post reviews from people who've been to the locations in person.
> I hope this helps!
> - Evan
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