Paper Tape

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 15:39:50 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 23:21, Paul Williams wrote:

> I went to Bletchley for the first time on Wednesday. Tony Sale was there
> and he let us into the machine room.

Tony's a good guy - far as I know, most of the plans for Colossus are in
his head only and nowhere else :) (Worrying, yes, but technically it's
still all classified info anyway)

> It was fascinating to be stood
> right next to Colossus's "bedstead" as the tape whirred around at 30
> miles per hour, and to see the blinkenlights and valves.

It gets very warm in the room from all those valves during the day if
the doors aren't left open :)

> I bought my cheap return ticket, so I'll make the next trip on a
> Saturday to see the Retrobeep collection. (Sorry, I've been repeating
> that name to myself in an effort to get used to it, and it _still_ sucks!)

I *know*! It was probably the single thing putting me off from starting
to help out there way back when :-) Still makes me cringe...


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