The Trip is On...

From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 16:50:20 2004

Well I just saw this now, so i figure you've come and gone. Damn. This
was just not one of those days when things looked either good or easy.
Well another day for the Apollo, THAT can fit in a Saturn, not so sure
about the IBM printer though. That probably needs a trailer.

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:

> And off I go...Traveling up to Wayland to pick up a Teletype, LSI-11, VT-52,
> Assorted Documentation, Commodore 64 Items, and other Misc Stop. Going to
> hopefully stop in RI and pick up an Apollo, IBM Printer and some other
> items.
> Most of the known items are already spoke for by some list members, but I
> will post and additional items that are not on "our" keep list early next
> week.
> Thanks to Jays wonderful advice, I have checked the spare, and even bought a
> can of "fix-a-flat" (Plus I am AAA).....
> If there is anyone in CT, RI, or South East MA that has computer equipment
> they are looking to dispose of, send me an e-mail...mayby the traveling van
> can stop buy you this weekend [send me a direct e-mail]
> Of course if you have a PDP-8, TU-56 or relased items, the van WILL stop buy
> (even if just to oogle) and will have cash!
> David

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