Tek 4115B out there

From: Loboyko Steve <sloboyko_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Aug 14 18:28:16 2004

I have one of these, unused(!) from a gov't auction (a
spare, I think). I played with it a little, and then
it stopped working but it might have been something I
screwed up with a DIP switch. I have the entire unit
with keyboard, manuals, etc; in storage, one of the
caster legs broke. If someone actually wants (parts)
of this, I would trade/sell it for a little more than
shipping (it's really big and its impossible to ship
the monitor or whole thing); otherwise, I was planning
of getting rid of all of it in the fall. It has no 8"
drives, just the housing. Wow-it's an incredible,
overdesigned machine, with a fairly interesting
automatic convergence system. For what it does, it's
too large for me!

John Allain Said:

>Tektronix 4115B on eBay
>Haven't seen more than one or two of these in years,
even on eBay.

>No keyboard.
>If someone on the list has the KB, I'll buy the 4115.
 Yea... likely.

>John A.
>ex-User, not the seller.

-Steve Loboyko

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