m4 9914

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Sat Aug 14 22:14:41 2004

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004, Jay West wrote:

> http://www.m4data.com/Support/Files/9914/123477_23%209914_User_Diagnostic%20Man.pdf

    I'll download this... thanks!

> I have a few others I've been skimming, but haven't found the answers yet.

   I'd like the URLs to those, too, if possible - I was sure I had the full
docs - but it is likely that they were paper and went with the previous M4
to Munich...

> You mean your test-reel didn't have a write wring? What you describe seems
> odd to me.

   And why is that? My results were *identical* to yours, then I thought to
check for the ring, it was not in place, I put one on, then re-ran the
tests, and the results were more 'positive' for want of a better word. I
still got the two errors you did - dunno what they are just now...

> That's just wierd. You would think if those error stops were common, due to
> options, that it would be documented. Well, that makes me feel better, but I
> wonder why the host has failure writing at 3200/6250, but 800/1600 is fine.
> Wierd!

   I've run tapes on my laptop, using Novastor and an Adaptec 1200-series
SCSI card - but I"ve never tried anything higher than 1600, which is what
the tapes I was reading were written at.

   On my Vaxstation 3100/38 - again I've never asked it to go fast, so the
tapes I've written under VMS have all been at the 1600 BPI range...

> M4 has been taken over by another company, and they sell/support them. Still
> skimming the docs...

    I should do that, too...


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