Anyone ever shipped an NEC APC?

From: Rich Bramante <>
Date: Mon Aug 16 19:17:05 2004

I've got a monochrome NEC APC (dual 8" floppies) that
I was going to eBay, but it hovers right at that magic
70lb rate which seems to hit all kinds of shipping
issues with USPS (won't deliver it), UPS (big $$$
surcharge), & FedEx (only deliver to a business
address, $$$). Seems by the time you factor in ship
costs it wouldn't be worth it unless someone was
really desperate.

Anyone ever sold-shipped one of these before, and are
my concerns founded?

On a tangent, anyone in the Boston area interested in
one of these that can pickup? If so drop me an email
for machine details and maybe we can work something


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